WILL SYRIA IMPLODE? Pray for Gospel to be preached to all Syrians.

Will Syria implode in a bloody civil war even worse than the horrific violence already underway? That’s the big question right now. Weapons are pouring into both sides.,the government and the rebels. Russian Czar Vladimir Putin is reportedly sending more arms to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Iranian leaders are also standing squarely with Assad. Meanwhile, Israel is worried about a civil war and Syrian implosion. More instability in the epicenter poses severe risks to the Jewish State. No one wants Assad in power. But if he falls, could his successor be worse? And when will the Bible prophecies concerning the complete destruction of Damascus come true? Christians need to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Syria. We also need to pray and work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Syrians and strengthen the underground Church there. God has been moving powerfully in Syria in recent years — see here. By God’s grace, The Joshua Fund has been investing in the spread of the Gospel in Syria, especially through an evangelistic film made by Syrian Arabs called “DAMASCUS” — see here. Please pray that the Lord will give us much wisdom as we seek to continue to serve the church in Syria at this critical moment.

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