“Damascus Countdown” to debut at #7 on New York Times list

NYT_home_bannerThanks so much to everyone who is enjoying the new novel, blogging about it, Tweeting about it, endorsing it, and reviewing it on Facebook, Amazon, BN, and in other places.

Thanks to all those who have interviewed me about the book and its parallels to real life. Thanks to all the brick & mortar bookstores, on-line and ebook retailers, and audio book retailers who have backed the novel so enthusiastically.

It was fun to find out last night that Damascus Countdown will hit the New York Times hardcover fiction best-seller list on March 24th at number seven. (the lists are printed in the Times several weeks after the initial numbers are compiled, which explains the delay).

My wife, Lynn, and I are very grateful for the enthusiastic response to this novel. We wish we could express our thanks personally to each of you individually, but for now I hope this will suffice. God bless you.