The Libyan Diversion is Rosenberg’s “most thrilling and shocking novel to date,” says The Real Book Spy website.

Here are excerpts from this amazing first review of the novel:

  • New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg, one of the best headline-beating novelist in fiction today, is back with his most thrilling and shocking novel to date.”
  • “After taking a year off between releases, Rosenberg is back and better than ever. After penning numerous trilogies and smaller series previously in his career, Rosenberg finally has his true series guy in Markus Ryker, who has quickly established himself as the man to call in a bad situation. A hero on par with Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath, Ryker anchors what might just be Rosenberg’s best work so far….”
  • “One thing that’s indisputable is that The Libyan Diversion is Rosenberg’s most timely novel to date.”
  • “Rosenberg hits on several relevant issues, including the speed at which the media can spin a story and how public opinion can drive a narrative, dominating airwaves and talk shows as public outcry rages on….What Rosenberg does so well, though, is take you into the room with those characters who, for better or worse, are at the center of such unjust outcry.”
  • “[T]here are few people better at plotting than Rosenberg, who puts on a masterclass here, weaving his way through various adrenalin-pumping action sequences and moments of nerve-wracking suspense while still taking time to flesh out Ryker and the rest of his cast.”
  • “Perfect for fans of Brad Thor and Daniel Silva, Joel C. Rosenberg’s The Libyan Diversion is just the kind of blistering, unflinching, ripped-straight-from-tomorrow’s-headlines thriller that his readers have come to expect.”

The novel releases on May 16th — you can pre-order from your favorite book retailer by clicking here.