PUTIN AND PROPHECY: My interview on WOR in NYC

At 7:10 eastern this morning, I was interviewed by John Gambling on WOR radio in New York City. The topic: Putin and Bible prophecy. Specifically, has Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Georgia triggered a new Cold War, or is it about to? And does the Bible predict the rise of a violent dictator in Russia who will threaten his neighbors in “the last days”? In the next few hours, that interview will be posted in a podcast on WOR’s website. The short version, however, is yes, and yes. That said, let me be clear: It is too early to say that we will see the complete fulfillment of the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 in our lifetime, much less soon, and it is certainly too soon to say that Putin is the prophesied dictator referred to by Ezekiel as “Gog.” Nevertheless, Putin is certainly Gog-esque, and he is taking the world down a very dangerous road that is certainly consistent with Ezekiel’s prophecies. Readers of my first hardcover non-fiction book, Epicenter, will recall that Chapter Seven is all about a “future headline: A Czar Rises In Russia, Raising Fears Of A New Cold War.” That was two years ago. A fully updated paperback edition — EPICENTER 2.0 — releases in days. But consider some of the headlines we’ve read just in the last ten days:


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