THANK GOD THE CONVENTIONS WERE SAFE: Dead Heat releases in paperback

Dead Heat now in paperback

Dead Heat now in paperback

The Republican and Democratic conventions are now over and I’ve never been more relieved. Don’t get me wrong: both were fascinating in their own ways. I’m just grateful that by the grace of God, despite the fact the polls show the presidential race deadlocked yet again — a true dead heat — none of the the fictional events I had portrayed in my political thriller, Dead Heat, came true. Both events went off safely. For that, the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI, the Dept. of Homeland Security and all local, state and federal law enforcement and intelligence officials reponsible deserve tremendous praise. Let’s not forget, however — our enemies are still gunning for us, the stakes are very high, and this is no time to take our eyes of the ball. Let us keep praying, therefore, that the candidates, their families, and our entire nation are safe in the tumultous weeks and months ahead.

* CBS News: McCain, Obama Tied (42-42); McCain Closes Eight-Point Gap From Poll Taken Last Weekend

* Rasmussen: Obama/Biden 46% – McCain/Palin 45%

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