President Shimon Peres announces new elections

President Shimon Peres announces new elections

UPDATE: MKs Agree — Elections To Be Held On Feb. 10th

“President Shimon Peres arrived at the Knesset Monday afternoon with the opening of this year’s winter session, and informed Speaker Dalia Itzik that efforts by Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni to secure a stable coalition have failed,” reports Ynet News. “Upon handing Itzik the letter, Peres said he could not see a possibility to form a government at this time. Itzik opened the session by saying she had prepared three speeches for the occasion, and regretfully would have to opt for the one that would also effectively spell the end of what is shaping up to be a very brief Knesset session. The speaker reiterated her call for the formation of a national unity government, saying it was particularly crucial at this juncture in light of the global financial crisis….Netanyahu said during his speech in honor of the Knesset’s winter session that ‘Israel needs new leadership and a new path….Israel is currently standing before three huge challenges: The global financial crisis, a constant regression in the country’s achievements, and above all serious security threats from terrorist countries and organizations.”

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