BIN LADEN VOWS MAJOR NEW ATTACKS: Olmert vows to divide Jerusalem

* Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Bin Laden Has Ordered an Attack Bigger than 9/11 That Will ‘Change the World Politically and Economically’

Al Qaeda is preparing for catastrophic new attacks

Al Qaeda is preparing for catastrophic new attacks

Tensions in the epicenter are running high as the world watches closely to see if Israel is going to launch preemptive strikes against Iran during this window between the U.S. elections and the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama on January 20th, or if Iran will use this window to launch preemptive strikes against Israel. I make no predictions about what will happen. My team and I continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the entire region. We’re praying for a peaceful regime change in Tehran and Damascus and for a respite from all the wars and rumors of wars. We have great faith that this can happen. But we don’t pretend to know exactly how events will play out. Thus, we are continuing to prepare for the worst case scenarios.

Among them:

* an apocalyptic, prophetic war in the Middle East involving Israel and Iran

* another “regular” but horrifying geopolitical war in the region as a follow-up to the Second Lebanon War in 2006

* catastrophic al Qaeda attacks in the U.S., Europe and/or in the Holy Land

Most of our Joshua Fund team is on the ground in Israel right making preparations to provide more food, clothing, medical equipment and other emergency relief supplies to those who need them now, and those who could be victims of coming wars and terrorist attacks. I leave for Israel tomorrow to join them and, Lord willing, will send updates during that trip.

That said, here are the key stories my team and I are tracking today:

* REPORT IDENTIFIES UK TERRORIST ENCLAVES: Secret enclaves of al-Qaeda extremists based in London, Birmingham and Luton are planning mass-casualty attacks in Britain, according to a leaked Government intelligence report

* OLMERT AT RABIN MEMORIAL: WE MUST GIVE UP PARTS OF JERUSALEM: “If we want to keep Israel Jewish and democratic, we need to give up parts of the homeland we have dreamed about for generations and [mentioned] in our prayers, even Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and to return to a 1967 Israel with certain amendments,” he said. “The decision must be made now. The moment of truth has arrived. There is no escaping it, but [the opportunity] can be missed. If, God forbid, we dither, we will lose the support for the idea of two states. There is no need to expand on the alternative…Rabin will win.”


** NOTE: I have not yet been able to confirm the Israeli news report last week that an earthquake in Iran may have been triggered by a possible Iranian nuclear test. At this point, I lean strongly towards the view that this was an inaccurate report, but I will let you know if I find out more one way or the other.

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