Quick update on the Inside The Revolution documentary film: On Friday morning, we were filming at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C., overlooking the White House. In addition to the producer interviewing me on the threat of Radical Islam to U.S. national security, I also had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Ali Aldabbagh, the chief Spokesman for the Government of Iraq. We discussed the battle between Radicals and Reformers in Iraq and throughout the region. We discussed the Iranian threat to Iraq, the future of U.S.-Iraqi relations, and what he believes Iraq will look like ten years from now. We also discussed the plight of some 2.5 million orphans and some 1 million widows in Iraq and how evangelical Christians can be helpful to care for the poor and needy in his country, as well as for these victims of war and terrorism. It was a fascinating interview and I believe will be a critical part of the final film. We should be finished with principal photography by February, and are looking at a possible September 2009 release. I promise to keep you updated as we go.

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