NORTH KOREA TRIGGERS NEW GLOBAL CRISIS: C-Span to cover Epicenter Conference

A new global crisis is rapidly developing in Asia. North Korea has an intercontinental ballistic missile on the launch pad, is fueling the rocket, and says it will conduct a “test fire” between April 4 and April 8. The U.S. has warned Pyongyang not to proceed with any “provocative” actions. But the tyrannical northern regime isn’t listening. Worse, Pyongyang threatened a “fiery bolt of retaliatory lightning” if Japan or the U.S. tries to shoot their missile down. Today, President Obama — at the G20 Summit in London — vowed to issue a “stern” response if North Korea fires the missile, though he showed no indication that there would be a military response. The danger, experts say, is that the missile could reach Alaska or Hawaii. It’s not clear if it could reach Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego or another Pacific coast American city. But the missile’s very existence poses a real threat to U.S. national security. What if it is carrying a nuclear warhead? What if the “test” is actually designed to launch an attack that could blindside us? We shouldn’t be taking any chances. We should take out the missile and its launch pad immediately and send a crystal clear message to Pyongyang — and, by extension, to Tehran and other rogue nations — that serious threats to our security will be dealt with firmly and decisively. Some might say that taking pre-emptive military action against an enemy that endangers you is overreacting. But wouldn’t it have been better if the U.S. had taken decisive pre-emptive action against al Qaeda before 9/11?

Media Interviews (all times eastern):

  • Thursday, 6:30pm — Lars Larson Show, nationally syndicated
  • Thursday, 8:30pm — Roger Hedgecock Show, nationally syndicated
  • Saturday — We just got word that C-SPAN will cover my address at the 2009 Epicenter Conference on Inside The Revolution and the “State of the Epicenter” for later airing on Book TV.


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