>> Reuters: Javier Solana seems to suggest Israel should be member of the EU, is already more a part of the EU than candidate Croatia

>> New York Times: Iran Threatens to Back Out of Fuel Deal

UPDATED: On Friday night, October 30th, I will be addressing the Christian Embassy’s annual fellowship dinner in the Washington, D.C. area. The event is designed to introduce their ministry and to raise financial support to reach leaders in the nation’s capital.  Christian Embassy reaches out to leaders on Capitol Hill, in the Pentagon, in foreign embassies and to Presidential Appointees. I will be discussing Inside The Revolution, the rising threat of Radical Islam, the dramatic advances being made by the Revivalists, and the recent screening we had on Capitol Hill. During the evening,  you will also hear about what God is doing in our nation’s capital and how lives are being changed with the gospel through this dynamic ministry.  There is no cost for the dinner, but an opportunity for a financial investment will be provided.  For further information or to register, contact Danielle at 703-525-1770 or by email: