NETANYAHU’S NEW STRATEGY — REACH OUT TO CONGRESS: National Review runs column by Rosenberg on the AIPAC speech

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National Review Online has posted the following article. It is adapted from the weblog article I posted Tuesday morning, but there are a few significant differences,  including an analysis of Netanyahu’s new strategy to rebuild U.S.-Israeli relations.

By Joel C. Rosenberg

“After the worst week in U.S.-Israel relations in 35 years, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington Monday and gave a powerful and effective speech at the AIPAC gala dinner at the Washington Convention Center, warning the world to stop Iran — or Israel will — and respectfully but directly challenging the Obama administration on Jerusalem and the peace process….Netanyahu’s strategy in rebuilding U.S.-Israel relations is now clear. Reduce tensions with the president and executive branch if at all possible, but focus on speaking directly to the American people and strengthening the truly pro-Israel end of Pennsylvania Avenue: Congress….” [To read the rest of the column, please click here]

Note: Canadian PM Stephen Harper — the most pro-Israel leader in the Western alliance at the moment — spoke to Netanyahu by phone on Monday


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