Happy Passover! Thanks so much for helping The Joshua Fund bless needy Israelis this week.

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Tonight, Jewish families all across Israel are celebrating “Pesach” (Passover). I am so glad to be able to report to you that because of the faithful prayers and generous financial support of evangelical Christians throughout the U.S. and Canada, The Joshua Fund and our allies have been able to bless thousands of poor and needy Israelis in the name of Jesus this year who otherwise would not have had the food, supplies, or financial resources to celebrate the holiday. These include Holocaust survivors, other elderly Israelis, and single mothers and their children.

Through distribution centers The Joshua Fund helps finance and supply, some 1,200 needy Jewish families in various towns and cities throughout Israel were directly provided food and supplies for Passover this past week. In another Passover project financed by The Joshua Fund, an additional 1,600 needy Israeli families were invited to receptions over the past few days and given gift cards enabling them to buy Passover supplies at their local grocery stores. In the future, as our new warehouse becomes fully operational, we will be able to distribute more food directly, and probably not need to distribute food vouchers. But this was a way to bless many additional people this particular year.

The director of one Holocaust survivors organization thanked The Joshua Fund and our allies for remembering them. “This makes Pesach real for us — many could not have had the food on their tables without your love,” said the director. “This gift given by you is a proof of the caring heart and loving attitude towards us, the Holocaust survivors. Thank you for this.”

One of our Jewish organization allies wrote to us and said: “It is with a great joy that I report to you what has happened in many cities of Israel through your generous giving before the Passover Eve. It was a privilege for me to participate in Kimcha D’Pischa — a great project The Joshua Fund made possible through your love towards my people.”

Luda, a single mother who had been working hard to provide a decent life for her son, was shining when she received her Passover gift. Her landlords had threatened to switch off the electricity and water, but now, she said she’d be able to buy the food items needed for the Passover seder. “I’ll make it,” she said. “It will be better now.”

Jesus Christ commanded His followers to feed the hungry and love the poor and the needy and to do so with unconditional love. That’s what The Joshua Fund is all about, obeying the words of our Father and following the model of Isaiah and Jesus. Thank you so much for helping us bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness.

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