NETANYAHU CANCELS TRIP TO WASHINGTON AS WORLD PRESSURE MOUNTS AGAINST ISRAEL: Polish president and 95 senior officials killed in Russian plane crash

TRAGEDY FOR THE POLISH PEOPLE: “The president of Poland was killed in a plane crash on Saturday in western Russia, setting off a new cycle of grievances between Russia and Poland on a day that was supposed to serve the cause of reconciliation between them,” reports Time magazine. “President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and some of his top security officials were among the 96 people killed in the crash. As the fuselage of the Soviet-made Tupelov airplane (operated by a Polish airliner) still smoldered in forest near the city of Smolensk, the grim irony of their deaths became clear to the stunned Polish nation: Their president had been on his way to Russia to commemorate the massacre of tens of thousands of Poles, who had been executed on the order of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in 1940 in those same forests in the region of Smolensk.”

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