AS ISRAEL TURNS 62, U.S. LACKS STRATEGY TO STOP IRAN: Joshua Fund now has 7 food distribution centers open in Israel



By God's grace and your financial support, The Joshua Fund's new warehouse in Israel is now being stocked with food and other relief supplies. We now supply humanitarian aid to 7 relief centers all over Israel. (Photo by John Moser, April 2010)


UPDATED: Israeli leaders marked the occassion by warning Iran not to mess with them. Admiral Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Pentagon is actively planning for a possible war with Iran, though he accurately noted that this is a last resort option and would have to be approved by President Obama. At the same time, the New York Times reports that a secret memo by Defense Secretary Robert Gates indicates that the U.S. does not have a clear, coherent, decisive strategy to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. That certainly seems to be the case, and I have seen no indication that this President would ever use force to stop Iran. Indeed, many in the U.S. government don’t seem to understand the End Times theology that is driving Iranian leaders to feel they need to launch a nuclear war against the U.S. and Israel to accelerate the return of their so-called Islamic messiah known as the Twelfth Imam. The modern Jewish State of Israel, which was reborn in 1948 in accordance with Bible prophecy, turned 62 on Sunday. (On the Western calendar, Israel’s birthday is May 14th. But Israelis live by a the lunar calendar, rather than the solar calendar, so Israel’s birthday doesn’t always fall on our May 14th.)

This is going to be a very challenging year for Israel . As the U.S. administration continues to purposefully denegrate Israel and distance itself from Jerusalem, rumors of a coming major regional war are growing. Jordan’s King Abdullah warns a war could break out by this summer. The Russians are planning to turn on Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr (near the Persian Gulf), which means Israel would have to strike sooner than August if it plans to hit the reactor before it goes hot. These were issues we discussed at length at the “Preach the Word” prophecy conference in Riverside, California, last week, and on Hormoz Shariat’s satellite TV shows into Iran last week. Lord willing, we will go into more depth at the 2010 Epicenter conference this summer.

* Update from The Joshua Fund’s executive director who just returned from Israel with our director of operations: We have 7 storefronts [food distribution centers] up and running and hope to have the 8th one set up a little later this year….During our stay we received the equivalent of approximately two semi truckloads of food. The warehouse is beginning to fill up. Soon, as we bring more storefronts on line we will most likely need to install shelving and begin to go vertical to accommodate the supplies. We currently have approximately 77 tons of food in stock….Our first food delivery from the warehouse was made to an organization in Jerusalem. [The director] just told me that the first bag of food that they delivered from the food we supplied went to a holocaust survivor. It was a small delivery (approximately 1 ton) as they are desirous of starting out small and building to a larger operation as the Lord directs….Our new truck has a lift gate that allows us to easily make deliveries that do not have a dock or a forklift and as we were beginning to unload all the children came out to help us unload the truck, so instead of using the lift gate we decided it was very exciting to see the children getting involved wanting to help with the ministry. It was an awesome blessing to watch and be part of this.”

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