CENTCOM COMMANDER NAMED: “Stop Iran” group launches TV ad

New CENTCOM commander, U.S. Marine General James Mattis (AFP/File/Joel Saget)

“Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis has been picked to take over U.S. Central Command, the Pentagon announced Thursday. Mattis would replace Army Gen. David Petraeus, who is now in Afghanistan as the U.S. and NATO’s top military officer there. The shake-up comes as the American public questions whether the fight in Afghanistan can be won, and the Defense Department is reeling from losing its top war commander, Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal. As head of CENTCOM, Mattis would oversee U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as across the Middle East, including Iraq and Iran….” [To read more of this AP/Navy Times story, please click here]

STOP IRAN — A non-profit group called Citizens United announced this week the launch of a national TV ad urging President Obama to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons while there is still time. David N. Bossie, the group’s president issued a press release saying, “from the first days of his presidential campaign through today, President Obama has displayed a dangerous naiveté when it comes to the threat that Iran poses to our allies in the Middle East and to the United States itself. History demonstrates that sanctions are not a cure-all for regimes bent on destroying other peaceful nations. The President must step up to this challenge before Iran has the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons.”


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