“THE TWELFTH IMAM” RELEASES TUESDAY: Joel on CBN’s “The 700 Club” on Tuesday

National Review Online published my article today on Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah, and the Democrats.
Here is my book tour speaking schedule for this fall.
Here are the initial interviews re: The Twelfth Imam that I’m scheduled to do. (all times are eastern, all interviews are subject to change — I’ll update this as often as I can)
  • Sunday, Oct 17 at 1:10pm on the Fox News Channel. (TV, live)
  • Monday, Oct 18 at 4:00pm on The Janet Mefferd Show, nationally syndicated on the Salem Radio Network (live)
  • Mon, Oct 18 at 4:30pm on the “Christian Worldview Radio Show with David Wheaton” (taped)
  • Mon, Oct 18 at 5:06pm on the “Bobby Mac Show,” WORD-AM, Greenville, South Carolina (live)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 9:00am on CBN’s “The 700 Club. (TV, live — then re-aired on the ABC Family Channel)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 9:30am on CBN News with Gary Lane (TV taped to air later)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 10:30am on CBN Newswatch (TV, taped)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at noon — address CBN’s staff chapel
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 3:00pm on WAFT, Valdosta, Georgia (taped)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 3:15pm on KCBI, Dallas, Texas (live)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 4:00pm on WOR with Steve Malzburg, in New York City, New York (live)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 4:35pm on WLQV with Paul Edwards in Detroit, Michigan (live)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 6:00pm on Janet Parshall’s radio show, nationally syndicated on the Moody Radio Network (live, one hour)
  • Tues, Oct 19 at 7:00pm on KKLA with Frank Pastore (live)

 Early previews, reviews, interviews:

On sale in bookstores nationwide on Tuesday.

National Review Online posts my article on Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah, and the Democrats.

Here’s my speaking schedule this fall.

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