Here is a question a reader emailed me last week:I just read a statement on your website about the release of your new novel that deeply concerns me. You said, ‘I cannot say for certain that the Twelfth Imam will come to earth . . . But according to Bible prophecy, it is possible.’ You then buttress that statement by quoting Jesus’ warning to watch out for false christs. What disturbs me is the fact that it is one thing to say that some person claiming to be the 12th Imam might suddenly appear on the scene, but it is quite another to argue that it would be possible for the 12th Imam to return from the dead. You left the impression of the latter, and I think that is biblically unsound.”

Here is my response: “Thanks so much for your note, and the concern you raised…..To be clear, I don’t believe that if someone claiming to be the Twelfth Imam were to emerge that he would be someone resurrected from the 9th century.” The Twelfth Imam, if he comes, would be a false messiah, a human being, not divine, and most likely demon-possessed.