FMR. DELTA FORCE COMMANDER BOYKIN TO SPEAK AT 2011 EPICENTER CONFERENCE: Jan 28 is deadline to sign up for Joshua Fund tour of Israel in May — please sign up today!

Lt-Gen. (ret) Jerry Boykin will speak at the Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem in May.

I’m very pleased to announce that retired three-star Lt.-General William “Jerry” Boykin has agreed to address the 2011 Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem in May. He will speak on the Iranian nuclear threat and other military threats to Israel and the people of the Middle East. Boykin was a founding member of the U.S. Army’s elite counter-terrorism unit known as Delta Force. He later became commander of Delta. Boykin also served as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence before he retired. Boykin has become a dear friend and a trusted advisor to The Joshua Fund. He has spoken at three Epicenter Conferences (2008, 2009, 2010), as well as at the “National Town Hall Meeting on the Threat of Radical Islam and the Church’s Response” in 2009.

It is also an honor to note that Tom Doyle, a dear friend and ministry ally with a deep heart of love and compassion for Israel and her neighbors, will be hosting a panel at our May conference on “How To Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.” Boykin and Doyle will join me, Pastors Skip Heitzig and Ray Bentley, and Bible teachers Kay Arthur and Anne Graham Lotz as conference speakers. Lord willing, we’ll have more speakers to announce soon, as well.

If you haven’t registered for The Joshua Fund’s “Prayer & Vision Trip” to Israel in May — which includes first-priority admission to the Epicenter Conference — please do so today. The deadline to register at the current (reduced) prices is January 28th, and that’s coming up fast!

For more information on our 12-day Israel tour — including a video from me explaining our goals — please click here.

Can’t afford the time or money for the full tour, but want to join us? Consider our 7-day Israel tour, that also includes admission to the Epicenter Conference.

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