PROTEST MOVEMENT SPREADING THROUGH EPICENTER: Largest demonstrations in Iran since crackdown

>> Answer to prayer: Israeli mayor is cancer-free after evangelical Christians and others around the world pray for him — details on The Joshua Fund website.

>> Israel says Iran warships to transit Suez for Syria

>> German magazine reports that Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader and TV preacher Youssef al-Qaradawi advocates establishing a “United Muslim Nations” as a contemporary form of the caliphate and the only alternative to the hegemony of the West. He hates Israel and would love to take up arms himself. In one of his sermons, he asked God “to kill the Jewish Zionists, every last one of them.”

The drama in the epicenter is building. Iran on Tuesday witnessed the largest protests against the government since the crackdown in 2009 after the rigged elections swept Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into power for another four years. Major protests in Bahrain and Yemen, too. Developing….


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