BOMBING IN JERUSALEM: Also, more rockets/mortars hit southern Israel

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UPDATED AT 12:15pm EASTERN: Israel is suddenly facing a new wave of terrorism. A bombing in central Jerusalem today has killed a 59 year old woman and injured at least 38. More rockets and mortars hit southern Israel today, after 50 were fired at Israel last Saturday alone. A new report indicates that since the end of the Gaza operation in January 2009, 282 rockets and 193 mortar shells have been fired into Israel. The IDF is retaliating, but several innocent Palestinians have been killed in the process. Please pray for the Lord to bring peace to Jews and Arabs on both sides of the border, and healing to the victims.

To read a more detailed story on this new wave of violence to hit Israel and the growing possibility of a new war in Gaza — plus see prayer requests — please visit the article on The Joshua Fund’s website.

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