Israeli soldiers stand next to a launcher, part of the first "Iron Dome" missile defence system deployed in Israel, near the southern city of Beersheva, in March 2011. Israel is planning to deploy four more batteries of its "Iron Dome" short-range missile defence system, Defence Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday. (AFP/File/David Buimovitch)

>> Israel warns travellers of Passover attacks

>> Would you invest in the work of The Joshua Fund as we educate and mobilize Christians around the world to pray for Israel and her neighbors, and provide humanitarian relief to the poor and needy? Thank you for your faithful and generous support! God bless you.

“Over the past 48 hours, terrorist organizations in Gaza fired over 120 Grad missiles, rockets and mortars at the Israeli home front, 50 of which were fired since this morning,” reported the Israeli Defense Forces website on April 9. “Since Thursday, approximately eight Grad missiles and rockets were intercepted by IAF Aerial Defense Corps forces, using the ‘Iron Dome’ system….IAF aircraft and armored forces targeted eleven squads of terrorists in the northern and southern Gaza Strip, immediately following their firing of rockets and mortars at the Israeli home front, deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. IAF aircraft targeted fifteen terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip, including terror infrastructure sites, Hamas outposts, smuggling tunnels and weapons manufacturing and storage facilities. Direct hits were confirmed.”

>> Two wounded in anti-tank missile attack on an Israeli school bus

Please pray for peace on the Israeli-Gaza border.


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