Israel's "Iron Dome" system is shooting down rockets and saving lives.

After the worse spasm of terrorism against Israel all year, Hamas and other Radical Islamic jihadist groups operating in Gaza have declared a cease fire. It remains to be seen if they are serious. At least twelve rockets were fired at Israel overnight from Gaza, even after the cease fire was supposed to be operative. That was on top of some 30 rockets and mortars being fired at Israel on Sunday. This brought the total to more than 140 rockets and mortars fired at Israel since Thursday. Still, early indications suggests Israel’s retaliatory efforts were successful, yet the Palestinian Authority has been virtually silent about the violence and doesn’t appeared to have taken any visible steps to stop it.

Israel’s new “Iron Dome” rocket defense system — partially financed by American taxpayers — is working remarkably well at intercepting rockets heading for populated areas. The system hasn’t been perfect, but it has scored dramatic and numerous successes. It’s clearly minimizing casualties and saving lives. That’s very good news. That said, the terrorists are adjusting their strategies, probing for weaknesses in the Iron Dome system, so Israeli defense officials will need to keep improving the system in the coming days and months.

Let’s thank the Lord that things appear to be quieting down on Israel’s southern border, but let’s keep praying for peace and not get lazy in our prayers. Let’s continue praying, too, for all those Jews and Arabs on both sides who have suffered in recent days, that the Lord would comfort them and draw them close to His heart. Please pray for the families of the eight Israelis killed during Thursday’s terror attacks, and for the 30 Israelis wounded in those attacks. Please pray for hte family of Yossi Shushan, 38, who was killed on Saturday night when a rocket  directly hit his home. Please pray for the four-month-old Israeli baby and the nine-year-old boy  who were injured by rocket attacks over the weekend, among dozens of others. Also, it now appears, for example, that five Egyptians border guards were accidentally killed by Israeli forces pursuing the terrorists, not two as was originally reported. Please pray for the families and friends of these Egyptians that the Lord Jesus would show His love and mercy to them and save them along with all the others who have been affected in recent days.

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