Hurricane Irene slams U.S. East Coast (AP photo)

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This was a wake up call. At its peak, Hurricane Irene was the size of the State of Texas.  Had it remained a Category 3 storm — or even increased in intensity — it could have created the greatest natural disaster catastrophe in the history of the United States. Fortunately, that’s not what happened. The storm is now over, and even as the clean up begins, critics are saying it was hyped up and “overblown” by government officials and weather forecasters. 

But did the experts really badly “misjudge” Irene, or did God hear people’s prayers and have mercy on us by weakening the storm faster than the experts had predicted? I think both are true.  I am grateful to the Lord for His grace and mercy on us. I am also grateful to the forecasters and the government leaders who warned us as best they could and took decisive action to put public safety first. As I have written about several times in recent months, the Lord is shaking us, trying to wake us up and get us to focused back on Him and on His Word.

We need to recommit ourselves to prayer, fasting and reading the Bible and get our hearts right with the Lord. For Bible prophecy tells us that far greater storms are coming as we steadily approach the Day of the Lord. This is why we focused on the Book of Joel during the 2011 Epicenter Conference, and I would encourage you to watch those messages if you have not done so already. This is also why we’re doing the “Wake Up Call” webcast event with Anne Graham Lotz on Sunday, September 11th, and “The Gathering  Storm” special simulcast for churches on Saturday, October 22nd. Both will involve solid Bible teaching and analysis of current events and trends. Both are also calls to more prayer and fasting for America, Israel and the Church. I hope you will participate in either or both.

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ORIGINAL POST: By God’s grace, Irene hit land as a Category 1 hurricane, not a Category 3, as feared, and it is steadily dissipating in strength. That said, it still is life-threatening for those along the coast lines — and exceedingly rare for Northeastern United States. Here in Washington we’re getting strong winds and heavy rains and more than 800,000 people in Virginia, Maryland and the District are without power at this hour. Please be praying for God’s grace and comfort on all those affected.


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