“THE TEHRAN INITIATIVE” HITS BOOK STORES: Audio of Sean Hannity launch interview calling for President and GOP candidates to offer decisive plans to neutralize Iran threat

Now available in bookstores and online.

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With the Iran nuclear and terrorism threat rising and dominating headlines in recent weeks, my new political thriller, The Tehran Initiative, hits book stores today. It’s available in hardcover, on audio, and on e-books like Kindle and Nook. The first interview I did on this media tour was with Sean Hannity — to listen to the audio, please click here.

In the interview, Sean and I discussed the similarities between the fictional elements of the novel and current events, how Shia End Times theology is driving Iranian foreign policy, and the contrast between the beliefs of Iran’s senior leaders with Biblical End Times theology. I also urged the GOP candidates to develop comprehensive, specific, principled policies to neutralize the Iran threat, and discuss these plans during the debates and in major policy addresses. It is time for President Obama to completely overhaul his Iran policy, as well, though at the moment that doesn’t seem likely. The West needs to wake up to the gravity of the Iran threat and take decisive action before it’s too late. That’s why I wrote this novel. This will be my message through the book tour. But honestly my concern is that the world will not take decisive action, Iran will get the Bomb, and Tehran will unleash attacks of biblical proportions. Let us pray these fears are not realized.

BOOK TOUR MEDIA SCHEDULE first few days; all times eastern and subject to change; more to come:

  • Sean Hannity radio show, nationally syndicated (Fri, Oct 14, 15 min)
  • Fox News Channel (Sun, Oct 16, one segment)
  • American Family Radio, nationally syndicated (Mon, Oct 17, 11:15am, 45 min)
  • Jim Bohannon radio show, nationally syndicated (Mon, Oct 17, 11pm, one hour)
  • ABC Family/CBN “700 Club” (Tues, Oct 18, 9:05am, one segment; will be rebroadcast; check local listings)
  • Dennis Miller radio show, nationally syndicated (Tues, Oct 18, 11:34, 10 min)
  • Frank Gaffney radio show , national syndicated (Tues, Oct 18, 1:00pm, 15 min)
  • America’s Radio News Network, nationally syndicated (Tues, Oct 18, 3:35pm, 10 min)
  • Chuck Wilder radio show, nationally syndicated (Tues, Oct 18, 4:05pm, 25 min)
  • Rusty Humphries radio show, WGST-Atlanta (Tues, Oct 18, 4:35pm, 20 min)
  • Janet Parshall radio show, nationally syndicated (Tues, Oct 18, 6:30pm, 25 min)


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