Last week in Orange County, California, I spoke at two churches (Oct. 26 & 27) on the topic, “What Is The Future of Iran In Bible Prophecy?” The message was based on a passage from Jeremiah 49:34-39, known as the prophecy against Elam. “Elam” is an ancient name used in the Bible to describe the territory we now know as modern day Iran. In the prophecy, the Lord says in the “last days” He will have “fierce anger” against the government of Iran and will bring judgment and destruction against the government of Iran. But the Lord also says He will set His “throne” in Iran — that is, while He will strongly oppose the leaders of Iran, He will show compassion and mercy on the people of Iran. I took the audience through this prophecy verse by verse and explained what it means and why it matters. You can watch either or both messages — and about 30 minutes of Q&A that followed each — by clicking here.

In related news, The Blaze website published an article on Monday based on a recent interview with me, “Christian Author Joel Rosenberg: ‘We May See More Bible Prophesies In The Near Future.” Excerpt: “’Evil,’ Rosenberg says, is at the center of his work. ‘The core of my writing – particular The Tehran Initiative centers on the fact that misunderstanding the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it,” he said. “We didn’t understand the Japanese threat and we got hit by Pearl Harbor. We misunderstood Hitler and Nazis and we got World War II. We underestimated Osama bin Laden and we got 9/11….I have described Shia Islamic eschatology as a photographic negative of Christian end times theology – there are a lot of similarities but they are completely opposite,’ he explained. ‘Christians believe that it’s important for people to get saved and then Christ comes back, not murder to achieve the same result. There’s a difference in the value of life and death and good versus evil.'” For the rest of the article, please click here.

Finally, The Tehran Initiative hit several best-seller lists this week, including #9 on the New York Times hardcover fiction list. Thanks so much for all of your kind notes and emails about the book, and all those who have turned out at the various events we’ve done around the country. I couldn’t be more grateful. Once you’ve finished reading the book, please share it with others rather than let it sit on a shelf. Particularly consider sharing your copy with a family member, friend, or neighbor that might be interested both in the political thriller as well as the spiritual journey that unfolds in the novel. Thaks so much and God bless you.

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