COVERT WAR HEATS UP IN IRAN AND MIDEAST: Will it be enough to neutralize nuclear threat, or will Israel launch preemptive strikes in 2012?

Covert op gone awry? Iranian TV shows image of a supposed American stealth surveillance drone. (photo: ABC News)

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A major “hot war” in the Middle East may be coming in 2012. But  evidence continues to mount of an aggressive “covert war” already being fought inside Iran and the Middle East. The goal: to neutralize Tehran’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs before it’s too late. Mysterious explosions are occurring. Iranian scientists are disappearing. Top secret U.S. stealth drones are being used — now one has been down and captured by the Iranians. There is little doubt that the Israeli Mossad is involved in some of these operations. The question is how extensively the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies are involved. In my new political thriller, The Tehran Initiative, the main character — David Shirazi — is a CIA operative sent deep inside Iran to use “all means necessary” to pinpoint, disrupt and sabotage Iran’s nuclear threat before Israel launches preemptive strikes. We can only hope the CIA is being this aggressive. But the White House and State Department continues to pursue a policy of appeasement towards the wicked regime in Tehran. Now the Obama administration is even trying to water down tougher new Iran sanctions passed by the Senate last week, 100 to 0. Why? Such actions are foolish and reckless, and are making the prospect of an Israeli first strike more likely, not less. Keep praying. It may be a long, tough year ahead.

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