NOW RUSSIA WANTS “IN” ON ISRAEL’S NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY: And Israel proposes selling its natural gas to Arab neighbors to encourage peace

>> UPDATE: New poll finds that 77% of Israelis see Iran nuclear threat as an existential threat….65% think the price Israel would have to pay for living under the shadow of the Iranian nuclear bomb is higher than the price it would pay for attacking Iran’s nuclear capability…..60% agree that the only way to stop Iran’s nuclear program is by a military attack….66% believe in the IDF’s ability to damage Iran’s nuclear program substantially.


Two news stories have intrigued me in light of recent geopolitical events and Bible prophecy:

1.) RUSSIA WANTS “IN” ON ISRAEL’S NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY — “Russia’s Gazprom, the world’s biggest energy conglomerate, is reportedly sending  top executives to Israel to discuss a partnership in the country’s offshore gas  fields, a move likely to heighten tension over an energy bonanza in the eastern  Mediterranean,” reports UPI. “The Russians reportedly are interested in a partnership in the Leviathan  field, the biggest gas zone found so far in Israel’s exclusive economic zone. It  contains an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of gas. The next biggest field is  Tamar, which contains an estimated 8 tcf. Officials in Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s  office say the discoveries could contain double the volume currently listed.  They said the known reserves are worth $100 billion-$130 billion. Israel’s gas fields account for only a fraction of the energy riches believed  to lie in the Levant Basin that stretches from Syria through Lebanon, Israel,  the Gaza Strip and Egypt and includes the waters of the island of Cyprus. he U.S. Geological Service reported in 2010 that the region contains around  122 tcf of natural gas as well as 1.7 billion barrels of oil….The team from Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly….produces 94  percent of Russia’s gas.” Is this a reason Vladimir Putin wants to visit Israel in June?

2.) ISRAEL PROPOSES SELLING SOME OF ITS NATURAL GAS TO ARAB NEIGHBORS TO ENCOURAGE PEACE — “Israel is willing to sell some of its new natural gas bonanza to Arab neighbors, in the hope this will improve relations in the troubled region, the country’s energy minister said on Wednesday,” Reuters reports. “Gas production is set to soar in Israel following the discovery of some of the world’s largest offshore reserves. If the country decides later this year to sell some of its future gas production abroad, it will want neighboring Jordan and the Palestinians to be among its first customers, Israeli Energy Minister Uzi Landau told Reuters. ‘We definitely have an interest to promote that as much as we can… I see that as something important to promote peace,’ Landau said in an interview on the sidelines of an energy conference in Athens. ‘We all wish to get off the hook of the oil lords in the world… it’s not just Westerners that are hit by that – also Muslim countries that have no oil are hit,’ Landau said.”

These developments have intrigued me because they are similar to the “Oil For Peace” or “Economic Growth For Peace” scenario that my lead character, Jon Bennett, pursued in my first three novels, The Last Jihad, The Last Days, and The Ezekiel Option, and that I describe in more detail in my first non-fiction book, Epicenter. In the novels, Bennett and his global hedge fund invest billions in a massive discovery of oil and natural gas in Israel and off the coast of Israel and Gaza. The partnership in drilling, refining and shipping of such petroleum leads to a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians, but also sets into a motion a Russian-Iranian-Turkish alliance against Israel and eventually the fulfillment of the prophecies of the “War of Gog and Magog” as described in the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39. In the non-fiction book, I explain the prophetic basis I used to write the novels. Now the increasingly intriguing question is whether these ancient prophecies are beginning to come to pass, or at least whether the pieces are moving into place for the prophecy to be fulfilled in the near future. (To study Ezekiel 38-39 further, please click here.)

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