We shouldn’t hold our collective breath that there’s going to be a positive outcome, but we shouldn’t be cynics either. Nothing is impossible with God, so let’s pray for a breakthrough. After all, these nuclear talks in Istanbul may represent the last chance for diplomacy before Israel launches a preemptive strike against Iran, or Iran launches a first strike against Israel and the U.S. While I’m wary of the Iranians trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the six powers (the way Hitler fooled Chamberlain and the West in the 1930s), I would much rather see a truly peaceful solution (i.e., Iran gives up its nuclear ambitions and agrees to entirely dismantle its nuclear program in full, transparent view of international inspectors) than war. We dare not kid ourselves. An Israel-Iran war could be brutal. I’m currently working on a new novel, The Damascus Countdown, about such a war and the blowback of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas if Israel were to launch a first strike. If it’s this painful to imagine for the purposes of fiction, how much worse would it be in real life. Let us keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and peace — and spiritual and political freedom — for all the people of the epicenter.


On Saturday, June 16th, I will host a live, three-hour “Implosion Simulcast,” which will be shown around the country and around the world. Please sign up your church, home fellowship group, or small group Bible study today to participate in this unique event. It will be distinctly non-political and non-partisan.

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