(Siegen, Germany) — For the last several days, I’ve been teaching at a pastors and ministry leaders conference in Germany, with each message translated into German. We’ve been focusing on the future of Europe, Israel and the Jews, looking at a number of key Bible prophecies, including the remarkable prophecies found in Ezekiel 36, 37, 38, 39 in light of current events. We also did in-depth question & answers sessions that I think you’ll find fascinating. It’s been an amazing time to be here with several hundred ministry leaders and lay people from all over Germany and all over Europe. We’ve been recording each of the message in high-definition and we are posting them one by one. You can watch the ones that are posted so far by clicking here.  

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Here is a brief overview: “One of the most exciting phrases we find in the Bible is ‘Then they shall know that I am the LORD’. It often follows some incredible promise of God or precedes prophetically some powerful work that can only be credited to His hand. This is what we find at the end of Ezekiel 36 as God improbably promises to bring the broken nation of Israel back into the land. It precedes one of the most incredible passages in the Bible, found in Ezekiel 37, as God asks the prophets, “Can these dry bones live?” God then goes on to give Ezekiel a vision of the nation of Israel being resurrected, a promise which sustained hope over thousands of years of scattering and persecution of His chosen people. Over those centuries, this promise of God must have seemed not only improbable, but impossible. Yet, in this century, we have witnessed the beginning of God’s fulfillment of His promise. In much the same way, God has made incredible—some might say impossible—promises to His Church. But, as the centuries have gone by and the years have taken their toll, many of His people have lost hope and see the fulfillment of God’s predictions about the future as true in theory, but having little practical application in their lives. Joel C. Rosenberg is joined at the Pastors & Leadership Conference in Siegen, Germany by pastors Ray Bentley, Bob Botsford, Nick Long, David Guzik and Lance Ralston as we dig deeply into God’s Word. We will focus on Ezekiel 36-39 to see how God has been faithful to His promises in history past and will continue to be faithful in the future. The promises He has made to Israel and to us, His Church, are true and have powerful, practical application in our lives and ministries today.”

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