Lots of strong reactions have come in the last 24 hours regarding my post, “Cannibalism, ‘Mommy Porn,’ Gay Marriage Drive U.S. Headlines: What’s Going On?” I’ve posted some comments below. I’ll comment on these and others during the Implosion Simulcast on June 16th. For now, let me post some of the new or recent headlines that people have drawn my attention to providing more evidence to suggest America may be heading into a cultural implosion.


  • “Dear Joel — I don’t think all is lost;  I believe we are feeling like something big is going to happen disaster wise BECAUSE God is going to use it to wake us up, much as he did with the Civil War.  The Civil War was God’s judgment on our nation for slavery, but he used it to turn our hearts back again….  a necessary evil to bring good I guess.  I think abortion is our “slavery” today, and just as it is unthinkable to consider owning another human being now, it will one day be inconceivable to consider killing one in the womb. There are too many people earnestly seeking the Lord on behalf of our country for God to completely turn His face away ….  I am praying that He will complete His purpose for our nation and remember those who so nobly had a part in its birth… to remember their sacrifice. The sin of our country is great; very great; and we have strayed.  But God saw that in the beginning when Columbus sailed back to Europe after landing in the Islands.  A gentle indigenous people were abused, killed, and used by those C. left to “guard” their discovery. I am praying we as Americans might yet be part of His plan, even though we will have to suffer for the innocent blood shed in abortion.  May we continue to stay the course, because Isaiah 46: 10-12 promises that surely the Lord will accomplish all His good pleasure.  I want to be found faithful!!”
  • “Thank you so much for your response to the headlines! I had the same questions and was asking myself why are there so many of these horrific incidents going on?  And was wondering if we are not being ushered into a new phase of cultural breakdown. I read your book Inside the Revolution and have been following your information with the application on your Epicenter Conference last year and what you post on your blog. You have increased my awareness of prayer for Israel and our own nation. Thank you for your ministry in all that you are doing for the Lord.”
  • “Thanks, Joel, for your voice on hese matters, BUT how can the masses that agree with you do anything except vote?  We have no voice other than to forward emails.  Any suggestions?”

In response to the last question, I wrote back to the reader: “Dear Sir, thanks for your question. That’s why I wrote Implosion. It’s filled with many practical suggestions, plus overviews of the Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening to help you draw lessons from what the believers did then.”

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