Last year, a friend of mine set up a Twitter account for me — @jcrflashtraffic — to automatically Tweet each of my blog postings. That’s been great, and I’m very grateful for the people that signed up to follow what I’m writing. God bless you guys.

Starting today, I’m finally starting to be personally active on Twitter, especially as we launch Implosion, prepare for the Implosion Simulcast on Saturday, and as we see dramatic geopolitical and prophetic events unfolding in Israel, Russia, the Muslim world, here in the United States and elsewhere.

Feel free to send me questions you’d like answered during the simulcast and, Lord willing, I’ll get to as many as I can on Saturday.

If you’re on Twitter, please join me @jcrflashtraffic. (Note: I am not the same person as @joelrosenberg; that’s someone else.)

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