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Not everyone thought holding the Implosion Simulcast on a summer Saturday morning on Father’s Day weekend was a good idea. Indeed, there were times I wondered about it myself. But I am so grateful to every pastor, ministry leader and small group Bible study leader who hosted the simulcast anyway, as well as to every person who participated either in watching the simulcast or producing the event and handling the technical details. Thank you so much for being so interested in the themes of Implosion and in our urgent need for a sweeping wave of spiritual revivals akin to a Third Great Awakening that you would take time out of your busy schedules to participate. A very special thank you to Pastor Gregg Matte and his team at Houston’s First Baptist Church for hosting me and my team for the event — what a blessing you all are!

To my amazement, the event was seen in more than 340 locations in 42 U.S. states, as well as by folks in Canada, New Zealand and India. The questions people asked, Tweeted in, and posted on the “Epicenter Team” page on Facebook were excellent and showed how serious people were about the topic. Indeed, I was overwhelmed by the number of questions that came in. Clearly three hours didn’t suffice in answering them all. For those who didn’t get your questions answered, please forgive me. I got in as much as I possibly could. Most of the answers to the questions that were sent in can be found in the book. But I’ll do my best to continue answering others over these next few weeks. Some have asked if we are going to rebroadcast the event, or make it available on-demand. I believe the answer is yes, and once we have the details nailed down I’ll let you know.

I’d be especially grateful if you would post your detailed feedback on the event here on our Facebook page — please let me and others know what you learned, what question was most thought-provoking, what part of the book has challenged you the most, what you liked, what God is stirring in your heart, what you didn’t like, what you disagreed with, what you thought could have been better, etc. What’s really needed right now is not a single event but rather a national conversation about the state of our nation and the need for a massive revival and turning to Jesus Christ.

Also, I hope you will consider not only reading the book, but giving a copy to your pastor and Bible study leader asking them to read it and discuss it with you and others. Please also consider giving copies to family members, friends and neighbors who know Christ personally, and to those with whom you would like to share the Gospel. Now is not a time to keep these issues to ourselves. Now is the time to be bold and begin spiritual conversations with believers and unbelievers alike. I’m praying for you that the Lord will use this book and the simulcast to encourage you, equip you and inspire you to be more bold about your faith. Can’t wait to hear what He does in your life!


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