CBN INTERVIEW: Implosion, corruption in the Church, & Russia-Iran war games

Here’s the online video of my interview Tuesday on the Christian Broadcasting Network. We discussed Implosion, the spiritual corruption within much of the American Church today, and the urgent need for a Third Great Awakening. I was also asked about the Jerusalem Post story about Russia, Iran, Syria and China preparing for massive war games in the Middle East in the next few weeks.

Excerpt from the set-up piece: “An exploding federal debt and a government that refuses to rein in its spending has more Americans anxious about the economy. More than half of all Americans now fear that the country will go bankrupt. America is teetering on a precipice. ‘We’re headed for a collapse of catastrophic proportions,’ New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg said. Rosenberg says this nation is at a crossroads, that America faces the potential implosion of her economy and society. ‘This is where I think the last best hope of America is not Washington. It’s not the White House. It’s not Congress. While they’re necessary, they’re insufficient to save this country,’ Rosenberg explained. ‘The Church has to step forward,’ he said…..”


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