>> NOTE: I’ll be speaking on Sunday morning at a church in New Jersey (Calvary Chapel Old Bridge) on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the need for a Third Great Awakening. Please join us.

>> UPDATE: Gaza terrorists fire 22 rockets at Sderot and environs, hitting a school and factory; Iron Dome makes five interceptions on Saturday; IDF chief calls for urgent meeting to consider military’s next steps


Here’s the link to the print and video interview I did yesterday with Newsmax.

The video is my full interview and much more detailed, including analysis of the latest troubling trends in the Middle East. Here are a few excerpts:

* “America’s internal crises — of faith, of spiraling crime, of massive debt, of moral and spiritual void — could lead to an implosion and the best hope for preventing it is a spiritual great awakening, author Joel Rosenberg told Newsmax.TV. Rosenberg new book Implosion: Can America Recover From Its Economic & Spiritual Challenges in Time? addresses the enormous internal threats America is facing. Rosenberg told Newsmax that he usually writes about the external threats to America and Israel, such as radical Islam but that ‘we’ve got internal threats that are enormous and they’re building so rapidly that it concerns me as an American.’ The author says that because America is not mentioned in the last days as prophesized in the Bible, ‘something happens to neutralize us, to sideline us, or at least to paralyze us from projecting influence and force into the world at large and into the Middle East specifically where most end times prophecies will happen.’…..”

* “We’re at 53 million plus abortions in the United States. We are rapidly approaching 60 million human beings murdered . . .  How long until He either removes His hand of favor on our country or proactively begins to judge it?”

* “One chapter of the book addresses natural disasters and how God tries to send messages with such events. ‘He will use earthquakes and tidal waves and all kind on natural disasters to shake people and get them to start thinking less about the sins that they’re involved in and start thinking about their only hope being in Jesus Christ,’ Rosenberg said.”

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