This weekend, C-SPAN’s “Book TV” will air the talk I gave on Implosion as part of the “Implosion Simucast” event we did in June at Houston’s First Baptist Church. Given the recent massacre in Aurora and other bleak economic and spiritual events and headlines in recent weeks, I think the subject will be a timely one, though obviously I won’t be able to comment on these recent events since they happened after the program was taped. That said, I hope you’ll take the time to watch, or set your DVR to record the program and watch it later. Please also let family and friends who might be interested in the subject know when the program will air, and please be sure to post your comments on the book and/or the program on the Epicenter Team Facebook page.

The Implosion program will actually be broadcast twice:

* Saturday, July 28th at 11pm eastern

* Sunday, July 29th at 9:15am eastern.

For more details from the C-SPAN website, please click here. 

NOTE: At the moment I’m not certain whether C-SPAN will also air the Q&A portion of the event, but let’s pray that they will.

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