In my new e-book, Israel At War: Inside The Nuclear Showdown With Iran, I reveal how the Netanyahu government is presently facing a multi-front series of attacks from Iran. The Iranian regime is using Hamas in Gaza to fire rockets and mortars and Israeli civilians. Tehran is using Hezbollah in Lebanon to spy on Israel and prepare for devastating missile attacks. Iran is also engaged in cyber-warfare against the Jewish State and is trying to thwart international economic sanctions to maintain oil sales, keep money flowing to the regime, and keep advancing its nuclear program. Thus, Israeli leaders are having to counter Iran and its agents through a range of means — military, covert, diplomatic and financial — even as they actively consider the possible need to launch a full-scale, all-out war on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The latest headlines out of the Middle East provide fresh confirmation of what I write about in the new e-book. Consider the following:

  • ISRAEL STRIKES IRAN-BACK TERROR CELLS IN GAZA: “The IAF struck a rocket-launching cell in the central Gaza Strip on Sunday  evening soon after it fired projectiles at an Israeli farming district,” reports the Jerusalem Post. “Palestinian medical sources said the air strike killed two men and wounded two others. Israeli strikes killed a total of five global jihad members over the past 24 hours. ‘The terrorist cell which fired rockets into Israel a short while ago was targeted,’ the IDF Spokesman’s Office said, confirming the strike. ‘An accurate strike was identified.'”
  • ISRAEL CONFRONTS GROWING CYBER-WARFARE THREAT FROM IRAN: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised the IDF’s actions in  Gaza during Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting, saying Israel would continue to act aggressively and with full strength both in response to attacks from Gaza, and to prevent others,” reported the Post. “In parallel, the prime minister said, the government was actively battling cyber attacks on the country’s computers. Netanyahu said  that he established a national cyber bureau last year to deflect such attacks. This cyber staff was working on stopping such attacks by  developing a ‘digital Iron Dome’ to defend against ‘computer terrorism,’ he  said. ‘Just as we have the Iron Dome against missiles and a security fence against infiltrators and terrorism, we will also have a similar response  to cyber attacks,’ Netanyahu said. ‘But just like the building of the fence, time is needed to complete it, and we are working on this non-stop.'”
  • NETANYAHU LAUDS NEW E.U. SANCTIONS ON IRAN, BUT SAYS THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the European Union Tuesday for tightening sanctions against Iran a day earlier, but added that restrictions have so far done little to get the regime to abandon its nuclear ambitions,” reports the Times of Israel. “Speaking to the ambassadors of EU member states in Israel, Netanyahu lauded the union for the ‘tough sanctions’ against what he called the ‘biggest threat to peace in our time.’ ‘These sanctions are hitting the Iranian economy hard, [but] they haven’t yet rolled back the Iranian program,’ he told the diplomats at the King David hotel in Jerusalem. ‘We’ll know that they’re achieving their goal when the centrifuges stop spinning and when the Iranian nuclear program is rolled back.'”

Now the question is: Will Netanyahu soon order his nation into a full scale, all-out war with Iran that could set the entire Middle East on fire? Knowing the answer requires exploring other key questions: Who is Benjamin Netanyahu? What does he believe? How does he see the Iranian regime and the intensifying nuclear crisis? Who is advising him? And how much time do they believe they have left to make a final decision? In the new ebook released this week by Tyndale, I look at each of these questions based on twelve years of observing Netanyahu and hours of interviews and conversations over the years with Netanyahu and his inner circle. I also look at how we got to this dangerous moment, the train wreck of U.S.-Israel relations, and where this all could lead historically and prophetically.

>> WILL NETANYAHU TAKE ISRAEL TO FULL SCALE WAR? Excerpts from new ebook, Israel At War


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