Arbabsiar, along with Gholam Shakuri, was charged Oct. 11, 2011 with plotting to killing the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. and to bomb the Israeli and Saudi Arabian embassies in Washington DC. (Nueces County Sheriff’s Office/Getty Images/ABC News)

“The man accused of plotting with the Iranian military to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. pleaded guilty today,” reports ABC News. “Iranian-American Manssor Arbabsiar was arrested in late September 2011 for his alleged role in what U.S. officials said at the time was a plot to commit a ‘significant terrorist attack in the United States.’ The U.S. said Arbabsiar, a 58-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, was working for elements of the Iranian government — specifically Iran’s elite military unit the Quds force — when he attempted to hire hitmen from the feared Zetas Mexican drug cartel to carry out the hit on the Saudi ambassador. Arbabsiar allegedly plotted to bomb a popular D.C. restaurant frequented by the ambassador. He didn’t know he’d been speaking to a DEA informant from the start. Arbabsiar originally pleaded not guilty to five counts, including conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to murder a foreign official.”

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