70% of U.S. Jews support Obama; 57% of Israeli Jews support Romney

Some interesting facts to ponder we head to the polls Tuesday to choose the next President of the United States:

  • Upwards of 70% of American Jews are planning to vote for the reelection of Barack Obama, according to a Gallup poll;
  • By contrast, a stunning 57% of Israeli Jews say they want Governor Romney to be the next American president, according to a Haaretz poll.
  • Only 22% of Israeli Jews prefer Obama to remain in office, according to the Haaretz poll.
  • Israeli Jews overwhelmingly believe Romney would be more pro-Israel and more effective in confronting Iran over the nuclear issue.
  • Israeli Arabs, on the other hand, overwhelmingly supported Obama, reported Haaretz.

Article worth reading: Rival Jewish groups push hard for votes in campaigns’ last hours (Times of Israel)

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