Report from Israel: 50+ rockets fired from Gaza into south Israel; Israelis injured

Greetings from Israel. I arrived here on Friday to meet with several Israeli officials, speak at several conferences, and visit The Joshua Fund team and warehouse and see how we’re coming along with preparations for a possible war between Israel and Iran. Unfortunately, the big story here this weekend is that Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have begun firing rockets and mortars at innocent Israeli civilians along the southern tier again. As of Sunday morning at 11am local time, more than 50 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel and at least four Israelis have been injured by shrapnel. Meanwhile, an IDF jeep was hit by an anti-tank missile that was fired at it from Gaza, injuring four Israeli soldiers. The Israelis returned fire and Israeli officials are warning that a far more massive retaliation could be coming if the terrorists don’t cease fire. Please pray for calm and peace along the border. Please also pray for the Lord to comfort and heal those injured and traumatized by the latest attacks. Lord willing, I’ll be blogging daily from Israel over the next two weeks.

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