On behalf of The Joshua Fund team, I want to thank you so much for your kindness, and brief you on the impact you’ve made.

tjfdonorreport-2012smallWhen it comes to loving and blessing Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, it’s not either/or — it’s both/and. The God of the Bible loves the Jews and the Arabs. And He commands followers of Christ to do the same.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink….Truly, I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” — the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:35,40)

“He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.” — King Solomon (Proverbs 22:9)

“For [the believers in] Macedonia and Achaia have been pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem. Yes, they were pleased to do so, and they are indebted to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in their spiritual things, they are indebted to minister to them also in material things.” — the Apostle Paul (Romans 15:26-27)

On behalf of the board and staff of The Joshua Fund — here in the U.S. and in Israel — I just want to end 2012 by saying thank you so very, very much for your kind and faithful prayers & generous financial support this year. We as a team are deeply moved and humbled by the way you have invested your heart and your resources in this ministry. And not just this year, but since the summer of 2006 when we first started. Thousands of poor and needy Israeli Jews and Arabs — as well as needy Palestinian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese and Iraqi Arabs and Kurds — have been personally touched by God’s love and mercy and His Word because of your kindness and generosity. You have helped us provide food and other relief suppies to those in need in the epicenter. You’ve also helped us teach the Word of God and encourage and train national pastors and ministry leaders in the region. And in doing so, you’ve helped us bring hope by showing the great love and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ who “loved us and gave Himself for us.”

For those of you who may have missed it during your Christmas vacation with family and friends, I’d like to bring to your attention The Joshua Fund’s 2012 Donor Report. We have posted it on TJF’s homepage (www.joshuafund.net). It includes a letter from me, and an update on many of the projects we’ve been investing in this year. I hope you’ll be able to take a few minutes to read it and see how we’ve been touching lives in the epicenter together. Please also feel free to share this report with others.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! We praise our Lord Jesus for His grace, and your partnership!

>> If you would like to make a year-end tax deductible donation to The Joshua Fund, please click here.

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