Damascus countdown: UN says death toll in Syria now approaching 70,000. What will happen next?

“The number of people killed in Syria’s civil war is probably approaching 70,000, UN human rights chief Navi Pillay said Tuesday,” according to a report by the Associated Press and the Times of Israel. “Less than six weeks ago, Pillay said the death toll had exceeded 60,000, a figure she called ‘truly shocking.’ But on Tuesday, she told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that there have probably been almost 10,000 new deaths in recent weeks. Pillay said the council’s deep division and inaction over the nearly two-year-old Syrian conflict ‘has been disastrous, and civilians on all sides have paid the price.’ She again urged the council to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court.”

Tragically, the implosion of Syria continues unabated. Assad’s regime is tottering. Radical forces are fomenting the chaos and seeking to take advantage. Might Assad resort to using Syria’s chemical and biological weapons against the Syrian people, or against Israel? Might such WMD fall into the hands of Radical Islamists? The Israelis recently launched an airstrike against a military convoy in Syria. What will happen next? It’s difficult in such an environment not to think something more catastrophic is coming. Has the countdown already begun?

Please pray for calm. Pray for the Lord to restrain the evil that has been unleashed there. Pray the Lord comforts those who are grieving, strengthens the believers to boldly and courageously share the Gospel, and gives wisdom to Christians outside of Syria to know how to help.

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