“The danger of Syria’s impending implosion”: 5 ways the collapse of Syria might be more dangerous than most people realize.

dailycaller-logoHere is the column I wrote on the unfolding disaster in Syria. It was published today by The Daily Caller:

(Washington, D.C.) — The nation of Syria is collapsing into a bloody, chaotic, nearly genocidal civil war. The days of the brutal regime of President Bashar al-Assad are numbered. It is not a matter of if Assad will fall, but when. The countdown is underway.

Few Americans will be sad to see Assad go. The cruel tyrant deserves to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity, and the people of Syria desperately need to be set free. Still, few realize just how dangerous the implosion of Syria really will be.

First, in desperation, Assad could use his stockpiles of WMDs against his own people. “Syria’s Baathist dictatorship developed and stockpiled a lethal arsenal of chemical weapons including blister agents such as mustard gas and even more dangerous nerve agents (VX and Sarin),” notes Dr. Steven Bucci, a Mideast foreign policy expert with The Heritage Foundation. “These chemical munitions can be delivered by artillery, rocket launchers, Scud ballistic missiles, and aircraft. … U.S. officials believe that there are at least 50 chemical weapon production and storage facilities inside Syria.”

Washington is deeply concerned that Assad could use such weapons to….

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Joel C. Rosenberg, a former aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is a New York Times best-selling author with nearly 3 million copies of his books in print. His latest novel is “Damascus Countdown.”


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