Israel prepares to receive President Obama: Here’s the itinerary.

Official logo of the state visit, developed in Israel.

Official logo of the state visit, developed in Israel.

>> UPDATED NOTE: I’ll be in Austin on Friday for meetings, but I won’t be speaking at an event. However, I will be speaking at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas on Palm Sunday morning (March 24th). Then I’ll be discussing Bible prophecy, Mideast trends, and my new book, Damascus Countdown, during their Sunday evening service. Please join us if you can. Also, on Wednesday evening, March 27th, I’ll be speaking in Tucson. On Wednesday evening, April 3rd, I’ll be speaking on Sanibel Island, Florida. On April 6-7, I’ll be speaking in Naples. Would love to have you join us and love to say hi to you and sign your books. I’ll be posting other speaking events soon. In the meantime, please consider coming on The Joshua Fund’s “Prayer & Vision Tour” of Israel and the 2013 Epicenter Conference.  The tour will go from June 25 to July 7. The Epicenter Conference will take place on Friday, July 5th. We would be deeply honored to have you join us.


Israelis are busy finalizing preparations to welcome Air Force One on Wednesday. President Obama will arrive with an entourage of some 500 Secret Service agents and others White House and State Department staff and advisors for a state visit that will last through Friday, when they head to Amman, Jordan.

Here’s some of the latest coverage of the preparations:

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