Three critical questions Obama needs to answer during his Israel trip: My op-ed for Fox News website

Here’s the first few paragraphs from the op-ed I wrote for Fox News:

(Washington, D.C.) — To say that the pundits have low expectations for President Obama’s trip to  Israel and Jordan this week would be putting it mildly. Most expect a series of  photo ops, but no serious progress on the three major issues: the Iran nuclear  threat, the implosion of Syria, and the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace  process.

“It is hard for me to recall a less-anticipated trip to Israel by an American  president,” noted Thomas L. Friedman in his recent column in the New  York Times. “But there is a message in that empty bottle: Little is expected  from this trip — not only because little is possible, but because, from a narrow  U.S. point of view, little is necessary.”

Actually, much is necessary. The president needs to “re-set” U.S.-Israeli  relations in a positive way after a contentious relationship with Israeli Prime  Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the first term. But that is the just the  beginning.

There are three critical questions the president needs to answer on this  trip….

[To read my full column, please click here.]


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