Is war with Iran unavoidable? Video of my Fox News interview on what lessons Israeli leaders are drawing from North Korean nuclear crisis.

joel-NKcrisis-FoxDoes the crisis in Korea make an Israeli war with Iran unavoidable?

On Thursday, I was interviewed on the Fox News Channel about the situation on the Korean Peninsula and its linkage to Iran. We discussed the challenges President Obama is having in facing his first nuclear crisis. We also discussed how Israeli leaders are perceiving the situation and why this crisis in the Pacific could potentially accelerate Israel’s decision to launch strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In the Mideast context, the central question is how Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his War Cabinet assess the implications and ramifications of the North Korea nuclear program and the Obama administration’s unwillingness to take decisive action to stop Pyongyang from building nuclear weapons. The more alone Israel feels, the more likely it will be to strike Iran hard and fast.

Here’s the link to the video — it runs just under 4 minutes.