Hassan Rouhani is no “moderate.” He was endorsed by the only Iranian leader ever to publicly call for Israel to be destroyed by nuclear weapons.

Hassan Rowhani -- endorsed by the only Iranian politician who has ever publicly called for Israel to be destroyed with nuclear weapons.

Hassan Rowhani — endorsed by the only Iranian politician who has ever publicly called for Israel to be destroyed with nuclear weapons.

You’ve really got to hand it to Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The man is one of the most evil tyrants on the face of the earth. He is pursuing nuclear weapons to wipe Israel and the U.S. off the map. He wants to usher in the caliphate of the Twelfth Imam and bring about the apocalyptic End of Days. Yet he is desperately trying to prevent Israel — or any other country — from launching preemptive military strikes and neutralizing Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Thus, Khamenei is trying to use the rigged current presidential elections to recast Iran as suddenly moving in a more “moderate” direction, and thus persuading the West to ease up on economic sanctions and pressure Israel to back off.

And the Western media is totally buying it.

Consider the headlines this morning, all of which are declaring Hassan Rouhani (also spelled “Rowhani”) as the frontrunner and a “moderate” who could be the best answer to bringing peace to the world:

In Iran, moderates see Hassan Rouhani as best alternative to conservatives (Washington Post)

Moderate in Iranian Election Takes Strong Lead in Early Returns (New York Times)

The man who could bring peace: Hassan Rowhani’s bid for Iran presidency raises hopes of nuclear deal (Executive Magazine)

Moderate ahead in race for Iran presidency (Agence France Presse)

Give me a break. Rouhani is no moderate. He is a disciple of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the late fanatical tyrant of Tehran. He was a senior national security advisor to Khomeini during the brutal war with Iraq that left a million people dead. He served as a top national security advisor to the regime in the 1990s, as well. He was Iran’s nuclear negotiator from 2003 to 2005 and is both a loyal defender of Iran’s nuclear program and a shrewd and experienced diplomat.

But here’s the one fact you need to know that will help you understand Rouhani — he was endorsed by the only prominent Iranian politician who has ever publicly called for Israel to be destroyed with nuclear weapons.

“Iran’s former moderate president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Tuesday endorsed ally Hassan Rowhani in the June 14 election, saying the candidate is ‘more suitable’ than others for presidency,” reported Agence France Presse. “‘I will vote for Dr. Rowhani, who entered the race after consulting me,’ Rafsanjani said. ‘I consider him to be more suitable (than other candidates) to steer the executive branch,’ he said referring to the slate of five other hopefuls, most of whom are conservatives.”

In the 2005 elections, the Western media called Rafsanjani  a “moderate” and a “pragmatist” who would help Iran recast its relationship with the West and bring about peace. Now Rafsanjani — who was banned by the Khamenei regime from running in this “election” — has endorsed Rowhani, the so-called “moderate.” Yet as I wrote during the 2005 elections, Rafsanjani is one of the leading extremists in Iran. “Rafsanjani, who previously served as Iran’s president from 1989 to 1997, was neither a ‘moderate’ nor a ‘reformer.’ He certainly was no ‘pragmatist’ with whom the West could do business. To the contrary, he is one of the father’s of Iran’s nuclear program and an outspoken advocate of Iran and her radical Islamic allies building offensive nuclear weapons.”

Exhibit A — “If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in possession, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate because application of an atomic bomb would not leave any thing in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world,” Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani told the crowd at the traditional Friday prayers in Tehran, the Iran Press Service reported in December of 2001. “Analysts said not only Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s speech was the strongest against Israel, but also this is the first time that a prominent leader of the Islamic Republic openly suggests the use of nuclear weapon against the Jewish State.”

Rafsanjani’s endorsement of Rouhani was not merely political. It was personal. The two men are very close. They see the world in very similar terms. Rowhani served as Rafsanjani’s national security advisor when Rafsanjani was Iran’s President from 1989 to 1997. They are cut from very similar bolts of cloth. If Rouhani were a true moderate reformer, he would have rejected the endorsement of such a Radical extremist like Rafsanjani.

Now, let’s be clear: Just because Rouhani is suddenly emerging as the “frontrunner” doesn’t mean he will win. There could be a run-off election, and someone else could suddenly “surge” to the front. One possibility is the current Mayor of Tehran, Mohammed Bagher Ghalibaf.

Let’s wait and see exactly what happens.

But for now we can say two things are true:

  • First, whichever candidate “wins” will win because he was hand-chosen by the Ayatollah Khamenei to be the face of the regime. He will not have been chosen by the people.
  • Second, if Rouhani “wins,” we will know that the Western media and many world governments will say that a “moderate” and “reformer” and “pragmatist” has won, but that will be a lie. Rouhani is a first-rate extremist. He wants to build The Bomb and destroy Israel and usher in the End of Days, just like Khamenei. But unlike Ahmadinejad, Rouhani is a wily coyote. He’s a smooth, sophisticated and experienced operator. He’s already got the media fooled about who he is. That’s just the beginning.

Please keep praying for the people of Iran to be set free from the slavery of such cruel and evil men.


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