Fascinating new polls reveal why Egyptians are turning on Morsi & Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt-flag(Jerusalem, Israel) — It’s been an extraordinary week here in the epicenter. As the bloody civil war intensifies in Syria, Egypt is now on the verge of civil war. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen. But two fascinating new polls reveal shed light on why the Egyptian people are turning on President Mohammad Morsi and calling for Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood regime to be removed from power.

“An opinion poll has revealed that 73% of Egyptians believe President Morsi did not make a single good decision during his first year in office, while 63% believe their standard of living has worsened,” reports Al Ahram, the Egyptian news agency. “The telephone poll, conducted by Baseera for Al-Hayat TV network, asked 2069 Egyptians aged between 20 and 23 for their views on the president.”

“Seventeen percent believe his worst decision was over the Nile dam crisis, while 8% believe it was the November 2012 constitutional declaration,” reports Al Ahram. “Cutting relations with Syria and the recent appointment of new governors were Morsi’s worst decisions according to 5% of respondents.”

In a separate poll, “The Arab American institute last week published the results of an opinion poll titled ‘After Tahrir: Egyptians assess their government, their institutions and their future.’ More than 70% believe the economic and security situations have worsened, according to the poll. ‘Among those who support the Muslim Brotherhood, 98% say their lives have improved. Among the rest of the population over 80% say their lives have worsened, that’s a deep division,’ the pollster said. ‘Ninety-two percent of Muslim Brotherhood supporters reject the contention that the Brotherhood intends to control the state and Islamize it. On the other hand, 93% of the rest of the country said that is precisely what the Brotherhood is doing,’ it added. The Arab-American Institute surveyed 5,029 Egyptian adults from across the country.”


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