I’ll discuss the Mideast on FoxNews on Sunday & Hannity radio show Monday.

Fox-logoOn Sunday at 1:20pm eastern, I am scheduled to be interviewed by Shannon Bream on the Fox News Channel. We will discuss the Middle East peace process. I’m hoping time will allow for us to also touch on the inauguration of Hassan Rouhani as the new President of Iran, and assess the rising potential of an Israeli first strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Please join us.

Then, on Monday afternoon at 3:30pm eastern, I am scheduled to appear on the Sean Hannity radio show. Sean will be on vacation. My friend, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, will be guest hosting. He has invited me on to discuss the same set of issues. Please join us for that interview as well.

If there are changes to this schedule, I will update this blog posting. Thanks.

>> “The War Clouds Rising Between Israel & Iran”: Please register to join me for an event on August 8th in Denver where I will discuss the latest developments in the Middle East, and take your questions.

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