My interview on the Sean Hannity radio show to discuss Iran, Israel & Damascus Countdown.

hannity-logoHere is the link to the audio of my interview on the Hannity show today. (requires by a “Hannity Insider” subscriber.)


I’ll be on the “Sean Hannity Radio Show” at 3:30pm eastern today. Sean is on vacation. The guest host is my friend, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas.

The Congressman has asked me to be on the show to discuss a range of troubling trends in the Middle East, including the rise of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the prospects for a possible war in 2013 between Israel and Iran, and the  worst-case scenario I write about in my recent political thriller, Damascus Countdown.

The interview is currently scheduled for 3:30pm eastern today. Please join us if you can — on your local station, or at

>> Please join me for a public event on Thursday evening, August 8th in Denver where I’ll talk about “The War Clouds Rising Between Israel & Iran” and take your questions.