In rare display of Arab unity against an Arab state, the leaders of the Arab League accuse Syria of chemical attack.

The emblem of the Arab League.

The emblem of the Arab League.

(Washington, D.C.) — In a rare display of Arab unity against an Arab government, the 22-nation members of the Arab League have condemned the Assad regime for using chemical weapons against their own people.

“The Arab League has blamed the Syrian government for last week’s alleged  chemical weapons attack near Damascus that killed hundreds, calling for the  perpetrators to be brought to justice,” reports the Associated Press. “In an emergency meeting held Tuesday, the Arab League also called on members  of the U.N. Security Council to overcome their differences and agree on  ‘deterrent’ measures against those who committed ‘his heinous crime.’ The  League said it will convene a meeting at the ministerial level next week to follow up on the situation in Syria.”

What makes this significant is that it is the evidence of chemical attacks by the Assad regime are apparently conclusive enough that Arab leaders in the Middle East and North Africa believe Assad is guilty. It is not just the conclusion of the Western powers.

In November 2011, Syria was suspended from membership in the Arab League for its cruelty, repression, and bloody attacks on civilians at the start of the civil war.

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